Frequently asked questions

1. How can I buy your oil?

Nothing simpler!

Just send an email to  (or alternatively fill out the form on the Order page )  specifying the type of oil and the quantity required. You can also view the Price List

Alternatively, I could contact us by phone or by writing to us on whatsapp at + 39-3347454000 .

We are at your complete disposal!


2. Why Organic?

Doing organic farming is a demanding activity as the means to feed plants and to defend against parasites are more expensive and also because organic production is lower than that with conventional agriculture.


However, organic has allowed us to obtain products of the highest quality , respecting nature . It is not a simple cultivation technique, but the process we carry out is synonymous with respect and love for our plants and our land.


Organic means learning and interpreting the daily signals that plants send us. Observe, study and above all foresee with the help of Science and with respect for Nature . For us, cultivation operations are interventions for the care of our trees, and for this reason they never stop during the course of the year.


3. Is yours a 100% Italian oil?

The answer to this question is: YES!

To be precise, it is a 100% Calabrese oil, as the oil we produce comes from only the olives harvested within our estates.

More Italian than that.


4. How does the shipping work?

We offer fast shipping (2-3 working days) throughout Italy and also throughout Europe (3-4 working days).

In addition to being fast, it is very safe and the product arrives in excellent condition to our customer thanks to the package, specific for the transport of glass bottles and cans, very resistant to any accidental bumps.

All you have to do is order, and start thinking about what dish to dress with our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil!


5. I am a Restaurateur, I am interested in your product

Thank you for the trust you have shown.

You can contact us directly by e-mail at  specifying all your data and your requests.

We can't wait to spice up new dishes!


6. I would like to know the prices of your products

Prices are available in the Price List section  in Italian - German and English.


7. What is acidity and what does it indicate?

Acidity is a parameter that expresses the percentage of oleic acid and indicates the quality of the oil , specifically it emphasizes the health of the oil and its commercial classification. The lower the acidity value, the healthier the olive (from which the product was obtained) is. It cannot be perceived by taste. Do not confuse acidity with itching in the throat. This sensation is actually typical of fresh oils rich in tocopherol polyphenols. In practice, acidity is measured with a chemical analysis in the laboratory.


8. What are Polyphenols

They are antioxidant substances, present in olives at the right degree of ripeness which, like vitamin E , give extra virgin olive oil great stability. The bitter and pungent taste, which characterizes the high quality oil, indicates that it is rich in polyphenols, the presence of which prevents the oxidation of blood lipids.


9. What does cold pressing mean

It indicates greater care in one of the methods of oil extraction and is a sign of quality . A cold pressed oil ensures that the temperature does not exceed 27 degrees centigrade . In this way the aromas of the fruit are preserved at the expense of quantity.


10. Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil good for health?

Extra virgin olive oil is an excellent ally for our health. It helps to reduce excess cholesterol by promoting the formation of the good one (HDL) at the expense of the bad one (LDL). Furthermore, the consumption of extra virgin olive oil facilitates liver activity, regulates intestinal activity and thanks to the content of antioxidants, such as polyphenols and tocopherol, protects from oxidative stress and fights the processes of cellular aging.