Territory: Calabria

The microclimate of the tip of the boot, completely crossed by rugged mountains but at the same time completely surrounded by the sea, is in fact the best you could wish for the cultivation of the olive tree that grows almost everywhere in this region, on the coasts as on the hills. and on the foothills, on the Tyrrhenian side as well as on the Ionian side.  


So much so that Calabria can be considered as one of the historical cradles of Mediterranean olive growing, thanks to the work of the Greek colonists who landed on the Tyrrhenian coasts in the 7th century BC


The varietal heritage of native olives includes more than thirty cultivars: the most widespread is the carolea, followed by tondina, roggianella, grossa di Cassano, moresca, grossa di Gerace, ottobratica, dolce di Rossano and Sinopolese. But in the Calabrian olive groves we also find valuable imported varieties, such as frantoio, leccino, coratina; as well as nocellara del Belice, nocellara from Messina and many other cultivars that have perfectly acclimatized.  


The range of Calabrian extra virgin olive oils is therefore very wide, united in quality but different in the characteristics of the olives used.


The Azienda Agricola La Valle rises between the hills of the Crotone marquisate, an area definitely famous for its extra virgin olive oil thanks to its particular microclimate (halfway between the Sila National Park and the Ionian Sea coasts) and characteristics of its soil (typically clayey).