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The protagonist of our product with Protected Geographical Indication "Olio di Calabria"; is the Carolea.

The olives coming only from our estates, from olive trees grown exclusively according to the directives of Organic Agriculture, are harvested in the months of October and November, by hand and with the help of mechanical harvesters.

The result is an oil with an elegant bitterness with delicate spicy notes.

The Casolare line contains all the best that our land of Calabria can give.

Medium fruity


On the nose

The nose is broad and enveloping, rich in balsamic hints of basil and parsley, flanked by fruity notes of ripe tomato, banana and white apple

At the sight

The "Casolare" organic extra virgin olive oil with Protected Geographical Indication appears to the eye with a beautiful intense golden yellow and green hues.

On the palate

Fine and vegetal with tones of lettuce and celery. Bitter and spicy present and harmonious.

Azienda Agricola La Valle di Salvatore Rota - Olio Extravergine di Oliva Biologico IGP - Casolare


Available formats

2020 - Orciolo D'Oro / Menzione di Qualità
2021 - Guida Flos Olei 2021
2022 - Guida Flos Olei 2022
2022 - Concorso Internazionale Biol - Extra Gold Medal
2022 - Ercole Olivario / Finalista con Merito
2022 - Guida Gambero Rosso / Tre Foglie

2023 - Guida Flos Olei 2023

2023 - Concorso internazionale Biol - Gold Medal

2023 - Guida Slow Food 2023

2023 - Guida Gambero Rosso

2024 - Guida Flos Olei 2024

100 ml bottle

250 ml bottle

500 ml bottle

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