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Origin of Olives: Azienda Agricola La Valle di Salvatore Rota

Cultivar : Carolea 60% - Biancolilla 5% - Nocellara 10% - Leccino 15% - Frantoio 10%

Certification: From Organic Agriculture
Disciplinary: EC Reg. 834/2007
Certification Body: Suolo e Salute
Harvesting Period: From the second half of October to mid-December

Harvesting System: Mechanical harvesters

Place of Extraction: Scandale (KR)
Type of oil mill: Continuous cycle oil mill
Extraction: Cold (temperature always below 27º C)

Storage: Stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature and O2

Acidity: Less than 0.18%

Available formats

The Classico line is available in the following formats

3 - 6 bottles of 250 ml

3 - 6 bottles of 500 ml

3 - 6 bottles of 750 ml

1 - 2 Cans of 3 Lt

1 - 2 cans of 5 Lt


This oil is born in the company's olive groves located in the municipalities of San Mauro Marchesato and Scandale, in the hills of the Crotonese Marquisate.

It is a blend of different olive cultivars, of which more than 60% is made up of the Carolea cultivar while the remainder is made up of the Biancolilla, Nocellara, Leccino and Frantoio cultivars; they too are very thick cultivars.

The Classic Oil obtained from our 13 thousand olive trees, grown on our estates, has wonderful nutritional and health properties, more enhanced by the biological management of cultivation. The harvest period is slightly postponed compared to the "Don Ciccio" line in order to have a more delicate product with a less intense fruitiness.

Doing organic farming is a demanding activity as the means to feed plants and to defend against parasites are more expensive and also because organic production is lower than that with conventional agriculture.

However, organic has allowed us to obtain products of the highest quality, respecting nature. It is not a simple cultivation technique, but the process we carry out is synonymous with respect and love for our plants and our land. Organic means learning and interpreting the daily signals that plants send us. Observe, study and above all foresee with the help of Science and with respect for Nature. For us, cultivation operations are interventions for the care of our trees, and for this reason they never stop during the course of the year.

Sensory Profile

The organic classic extra virgin olive oil shows an intense golden yellow and light green reflections, limpid. The nose is broad and enveloping, with fruity hints of unripe tomato, banana and white apple, flanked by notes of basil, mint and parsley. Fine and vegetal in the mouth it tastes like lettuce and chicory. Bitter well expressed and spicy present and harmonious

Recommended combinations

The Classic Organic extra virgin olive oil goes perfectly with seafood appetizers, boiled beans, chickpea salads, baked potatoes, farro soups, salmon first courses, stewed shrimps, grilled cuttlefish, baked rabbit, grilled poultry, goat cheeses.


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